Description: Recognizes an individual who is known for qualities other than fabrication. The individual possesses a unique grasp of wiring, integration, installation concepts and product knowledge; to the point where they are recognized as a reliable resource by fellow staff and industry peers.

Qualification: Must have been selected as one of the Top 50 Installers in the same year.

Nomination Process: After the Top 50 Retailers are chosen, the applicant nominates himself / herself by sending an email to the magazine staff, informing them of the desire to be added to the Trusted Tech nomination process. (This does not preclude the applicant from being part of the Top 12 Installers process.) Video submissions from the Top 50 Installers nominations are used as a basis for industry voting. Industry professionals as well as consumers are allowed to vote. Industry votes count as one vote per person. Consumer votes are weighted based on the number of industry notes received.

Selection Process: The top 3 finalists are determined and announced after all votes are verified and counted, and consumer votes are weighted appropriately.

Award Process: The winner is announced at the Mobile Electronics Industry Awards gathering in August. He / she receives an award and certificate, as well as a digital certificate and logos for marketing.