Description: Identifies 50 installation technicians who best exemplify the characteristics of professionalism, service and expertise.

Qualification: Installation specialists with a minimum 5 years of experience under a licensed business (company or sole proprietor) who are gainfully employed as a professional installer. Installation must be their primary duty (minimum 75 percent) within the business, unless the business uses a single person to perform most duties.

Nomination Process: Each applicant nominates himself / herself. The nominee must also have a person who will “second” the nomination. This person must be unrelated to the individual and must also be an industry professional (working for an industry manufacturer, supplier, distributor, affiliate company, or a retail location not related to the applicant’s retail location. Customers and non-professional enthusiasts are not eligible.)

Applicants must create and submit a video with a maximum running time of 5 minutes. Nominations are uploaded to YouTube (public or private) and the links are sent to the magazine staff.

The video need not be professionally produced, but it must answer the following:

  • Name, years of experience, number of years at current location
  • Installation specialty
  • Description of your installation philosophy
  • Other installation professionals who have had influence on you
  • How co-workers would describe you
  • Biggest challenge (personal or professional) you’ve overcome in the past year
  • What you want customers to remember about the installation aspect of your service
  • Why should you be part of the Top 50 Installers
  • Video walkthrough of your work area and tools
  • Still shots of work samples (does not count against the 5-minute limit)

Nominations are uploaded to YouTube (public or private) and the links are sent to the magazine staff.

Selection Process: Magazine staff and select judges will vote based on submitted materials to determine the Top 50 Installers.

Award Process: Winners are announced via Mobile Electronics magazine’s Hotwire newsletter, and listed in an upcoming issue of the magazine. Winners receive a signed certificate and press release via mail, as well as digital versions of each and logos for marketing.