Industry voting takes place shortly after the Top 50 Retailers and Top 50 Installers have been announced. Voting rules are as follows:

  1. Votes for all industry awards are only open to industry participants. (Consumers can vote for a new, separate Customer’s Choice Award. More info here.)
  2. Participants may make one vote for each selection field.
  3. Voting takes place online through an approved submission platform. Emailed votes or votes placed in any of other way than the approved platform will not be accepted.
  4. Each voter must provide contact information and employment information to determine eligibility.
  5. For contest accuracy, IP addresses for each vote are captured and compared to deter fraud. Voting by several members of a single location using a single computer / IP address is allowed. Samples of fraud include:
    • Voting for others outside your location: The same IP address used for votes by more than one person with different listed locations
    • Voting from home and work: Using different email addresses or other information to place two votes from the same person
    • Non-professionals voting as industry professionals: Votes marked “Industry Professional” without a recognized industry affiliation
    • Votes by any person under the age of 14
    • Insufficient contact information to verify a vote