Description: Recognizes a retail industry professional who has made significant, notable achievements or growth in the past year.

Qualification:  Candidate must be an industry professional for two years or less.

Nomination Process: A candidate for Rookie of the Year may nominate himself/herself or be nominated by a mobile electronics industry vendor or retailer. This automatically qualifies the person to be voted on by the mobile electronics industry.

Nominees must submit a video highlighting why they should receive the award, with a maximum running time of 10 minutes. Nominations are uploaded to YouTube (public or private) and the links are sent to the MEA staff.

The video need not be professionally produced, but it must answer the following:

  • Name, reasons for selecting your current position or occupation
  • What resources  or inspirations helped you realize your current level of achievement
  • The achievements you’ve accomplished to make you deserving of the award, and challenges you overcame as a result

Selection Process: Video submissions are used as a basis for industry voting. The top 3 finalists are determined and announced after all votes are verified and counted.

Award Process: The winner (based on the highest number of verified votes) is announced at the Mobile Electronics Industry Awards gathering in August. The winner receives an award and certificate, as well as a digital certificate and logos for marketing.