Description and Qualification: Recognizes retail locations that have demonstrated a superior practice in one of five categories:

  • Most Improved Location or Chain – applies to a retail location or chain that has made a vast improvement in the past 12 months
  • Best Online Presence (website, social media, YouTube, etc.) – applies to retail locations that use the Web to engage online consumers and convert them into paying brick-and-mortar customers
  • Best Customer Retention Program – applies to any activities used to stay in contact with customers to build rapport and encourage repeat business (example: Thank you cards, follow-up emails or calls, special events for existing customers)
  • Best Customer Experience – applies to stores that provide a welcoming, informative and engaging in-store experience while maintaining a strategic focus on profitability through proper product / display placement
  • Best Store Culture – applies to a retail location that promotes a positive work environment in which employees feel valued and empowered, and the results are reflected in low turnover and business growth

Qualification for Award: This award will be selected from among the Top 12 Retailer of the Year submissions (alternates will be included). Retailer Performance Award categories and questions will be in the Retailer of The Year questionnaire, to be included with your Retailer of The Year video submission. This will help streamline the process for both the Retailer participating in the awards process, but also for those doing the judging. To accommodate this change, we are increasing the max time of the video submission from 10 minutes to up to 20 minutes. 

Selection Process: Retailer of The Year video submissions will now be used as a basis for industry voting. The finalists for each performance award will be determined by the judges scoring from those Retailers that make it to the Top 12 (including alternates).

Award Process: The winners are announced at the Mobile Electronics Industry Awards gathering at KnowledgeFest Las Vegas. The winner receives an award and certificate, as well as a digital certificate and logos for marketing. Winners will also be featured via Mobile Electronics Magazine’s Hotwire newsletter and listed in an upcoming issue of the magazine. Winners receive a signed certificate as well as digital versions of each and logos for marketing.