If you’re considering getting involved in the Industry Awards, there’s no better time than the present
The Mobile Electronics Industry Awards comprises a months-long process to recognize and honor those in the industry who best exemplify the professionalism, business ethics, service and expertise we want consumers to notice when they do business with us.

Candidate companies and individuals submit video nominations and are narrowed to a list of finalists after a selection or voting process. In certain award categories, finalists submit material that’s judged by a select panel to determine a winner. In other categories, final voting tallies determine the winner. In past years, the awards ceremony has been held on the last day of KnowledgeFest in Dallas, hosted by the Mobile Electronics Association (MEA). But as you probably know by now, this coming year will see the industry’s return to Las Vegas.
Refreshing the awards process
Many in the industry have expressed a wish that the Industry Awards undergo a refresh. You let us know, and we listened. We’ve gathered a committee of past award winners in various categories to discuss the best way to evolve and to honor our industry participants. This fresh presentation of the Industry Awards allows for clear progression from one award to the next, further encouraging winners to continue pursuing excellence as they advance in their careers.

As part of this refresh, we’ve engaged some of the new committee members to help explain what’s new for 2022 via online video presentation. Kicking it off are Jeff Smith and Dean Beyett—both of whom have won Industry Awards in the past—to preview the changes. The entire video presentation can be found on the Mobile Electronics magazine Facebook page [Click Here]. To help us all stay on track and aware of our deadlines, we’ve created a clear timeline that’s now listed on the homepage at meindustryawards.com. In addition, the submission process has been refined to make it easier to create your submission and video. Most of the changes are related to the retailer and installer awards, with a couple of new awards for the vendor community.
Here’s a summary of the changes
The Installer of the Year will consist of one award with no runner-up. All of the questions for the initial video submission have also been streamlined and presented in order. We also reduced the number of years of experience required from five to two years.
The Trusted Tech will now be selected by the judges from the Top 50 Installers and no longer requires a separate nomination.
The Rookie of the Year Award will allow submissions for both installers and salespeople with up to two years of experience.
The Retailer of the Year will have two categories: Single Store and Multi-Store, with no runners-up.
Finally, Retailer Performance Awards will now be selected by the judges from the Top 12 Retailers. Alternates will be included in the selection. In the past, awards such as Best Online Presence and Best Customer Retention required their own nomination. This time, if you’re a retailer and you get picked into the Top 12—including alternates—when you make your second video, those questions will be included to allow the judges to recognize retailers who excel in specific areas.
For the Top Vendor Awards there are two new categories:
Lighting – products or technology related to lighting and appearance for automotive, marine, and power sports, lighting solutions.
OEM Integration – products or technology that integrates into an automobile’s electrical/data systems for audio, video, steering wheel control, remote start, and or any product or technology that allows for integration for an installed product.
Also, we will recognize the Top Vendor Support Technician who best exemplifies the characteristics of professionalism, service, and expertise, as voted by peers, staff and judges throughout the Industry Awards process.
All retailer awards will allow for self-nominations with a second, as well as blind nominations. Once you’ve been selected for Top 12 and Top 5, there will be a new outline and set of questions. Turn in your nominations by midnight on November 14 for consideration. On the deadline, all nominations must be received along with the videos. Be on the lookout for on the Top 50 and Top 20 announcements on December 3. We’ll make these announcements via video, and we’ll list them on the Industry Awards website.
Spread the Word at KnowledgeFest
KnowledgeFest Dallas will be held December 10-12. If you attend, you’ll get an additional ribbon to display on your badge that recognizes your place on the Top 50 or Top 20. This is a great way to encourage peers to vote for you during the event. Voting for that round ends on December 19 at midnight.
Recognition for the Committee
The Mobile Electronics Association would like to extend a special thank you to all the Industry Awards committee members for their time and contributions.
Dean Beyett: IOTY Runner Up 2020, Five Star Car Stereo, Clearwater, Fla. Top 12 Installer 2019. Top 5 Trusted Tech 2019.
Bryan Piper: Trusted Tech winner 2015. He was also a Top 50 Installer in 2015. He worked at Bay Area Audio Visions, Corpus Christi, Texas. Top 12 Installer in 2016 while at Resonance Auto Craft, Corpus Christi, Texas. He now works for Cerwin Vega and Diamond Audio.
Kris Bulla: Rep of the Year winner 2016, while working for DOW Electronics. He now works for Sony (Actionlink) and is the president of MECP.
Ata Ehdaivand: Top 50 Retailer 2016, Absolute Electronix, Rockville, Md. Trusted Tech winner 2017. Most Improved Store winner 2017. Top 12 Installer 2017, 2018. Top 12 Retailer 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Best Online Presence winner 2019. Top 50 Installer 2019.
Elias Ventura: Sales Pro winner 2017 while working for Sound FX, Lewes, Del. He now works for HKI, SounDigital and Ground Zero.
Jayson Cook: Sales Pro winner 2019 Columbus Car Audio and Accessories, Columbus, Ohio. Columbus Car Audio and accessories, Best Customer Experience winner 2018.
Jason Kranitz: Two-time Retailer of the Year winner 2011 and 2017, Kingpin Car and Marine Audio. Retailer of the Year runner-up winner 2016. Top 12 Retailer 2015. Installer of the Year winner. Top 12 Installer 2015. Top 100 Installer 2014. Best Customer Experience winner 2017. Sales Pro winner 2020. Top 5 Sales Pro 2018.
Jeff Smith: Installer of the Year winner 2009.
The Mobile Electronics Industry Awards will be presented on the last day of KnowledgeFest Las Vegas, February 18-20, 2022. See you there!