North Andover, Mass – June 25, 2024 – The Mobile Electronics Association (MEA) is thrilled to announce the establishment of the Industry Hall of Fame, recognizing the outstanding contributions and achievements of individuals within the mobile electronics industry. The inaugural class of 2024 will be unveiled during the highly anticipated KnowledgeFest Dallas event.

The Industry Hall of Fame aims to honor industry veterans, innovators, and leaders who have made significant contributions to the advancement and growth of the mobile electronics sector. By recognizing their exceptional accomplishments, the Hall of Fame seeks to inspire future generations and celebrate the industry’s rich history.

The official announcement of the inaugural class will take place shortly before the KnowledgeFest Dallas event, an annual gathering of industry professionals, manufacturers, retailers, and enthusiasts. This prestigious occasion will showcase the individuals who have left an indelible mark on the mobile electronics industry through their expertise, vision, and dedication.

“We are excited to introduce the Industry Hall of Fame as a platform to honor the remarkable individuals who have shaped and revolutionized the mobile electronics industry,” said Chris Cook, President of the Mobile Electronics Association. “The inaugural class of 2024 will represent the pioneers and trailblazers who have set standards of excellence, and we look forward to celebrating their remarkable achievements.”

KnowledgeFest Dallas, renowned for its educational seminars, product demonstrations, and networking opportunities, provides the perfect setting to unveil the Industry Hall of Fame’s inaugural class. Attendees can expect a memorable and inspiring ceremony that pays tribute to the honorees and their significant contributions.

The Industry Hall of Fame will continue to recognize and celebrate individuals each year, ensuring that the mobile electronics industry’s legacy is preserved and shared with future generations. MEA extends an invitation to all industry professionals, enthusiasts, and media to attend the KnowledgeFest Dallas.

For more information about the Industry Hall of Fame and KnowledgeFest Dallas, please visit or contact Chris Cook at