Winners from first phase of Industry Awards are semifinalists for top honors

NORTH ANDOVER, MASS., August 26, 2020 (MEDIAWIRE) — The Mobile Electronics Association (MEA) announced the winners from the first phase of the 2020 Mobile Electronics Industry Awards. The announcement comes after industry nominees submitted videos describing their business or professions. Judges appointed by the association reviewed the videos and selected the winners, comprising the Top 50 Installers, Top 50 Retailers and Top 20 Sales Professionals. The complete list of winners is posted at the official Industry Awards website,

“I’d like to thank our judges for their diligence, objectivity and hard work during the first phase of our industry’s most important tradition,” said Solomon Daniels, program administrator. “In an industry where it seems everyone knows or knows of everyone else, it’s especially difficult to put all that aside and make judgements based on the merits of each submission.”

The judges for the first phase were Tim Baillie, current Installer of the Year; Richard Basler, director of membership at MEA; Chris Pate, owner of Mobile Toys Inc. in College Station, Texas and former Installer of the Year; Matt Schaeffer, former Installer of the Year and lead fabricator at Sound FX and Musaic in Lewes, Del.;  and George Smith, owner of Mobileworks in Santa Maria, Calif.

Judges follow a score sheet that matches the requirements of the video, and mark scores based on completeness and depth of knowledge for each answer. They can also award additional points for exceptional insight, creativity, or uniqueness in a submission.

Winners at this stage also qualify as semi-finalists the top honors of Retailer of the Year, Installer of the Year and Sales Pro of the year. Top 50 Installers award recipients can also opt to run for 2020 Trusted Tech, an award given to professional installers who excel more from an electronics standpoint than a design standpoint.

The next phase of the competition features voting by industry professionals and consumers to narrow the semifinalists list down to finalists. These categories are joined by other categories of which industry professionals vote to select top suppliers, reps and rep firms, distributors, and expeditors, as well as retail locations that excel in specific business practices. Voting will begin Thursday, August 27 and run for three weeks.

“Even though the ultimate competition is ongoing, we want to take this opportunity to congratulate our Top 50 and Top 20 winners,” said Chris Cook, president of MEA. “These are major accomplishments in themselves and represent the hard work and growth of stores and individuals over the past year. It’s great to see that, despite the unprecedented events of the past few months, our industry members continue to strive to be the best and set examples for their peers.”

Voting will take place at Visit the website for additional information on the mobile Electronics industry Awards.