Description: Recognizes one multi-location retailer (two or more stores) that best exemplifies the characteristics of professionalism, service and expertise, as voted by peers, staff and judges throughout the Industry Awards process. Runner-up is the chain that receives the second-most votes.

Qualification: Must have been selected as one of the Top 12 Retailers in the same year.

Nomination Process: Nominees are required to submit materials for judging, via video and survey.

*Seconding the Nomination: The person providing “the second” must answer the following three questions:

  1. How long has the person been in the industry?
  2. How long have you known the person?
  3. Why do you believe this retailer is qualified to be a nominee for Retailer of The Year?

Selection Process: Magazine staff and select judges will vote based on submitted materials to determine the Retailer of the Year.

Award Process: The winners are announced at the Mobile Electronics Industry Awards gathering at KnowledgeFest Las Vegas. The winner receives an award and certificate, as well as a digital certificate and logos for marketing.