Hello All,

I’m really excited to commence the 2015 Mobile Electronics Industry Awards!

I want to take this time to explain some of the basics in “non-rules” speak. I’m hoping this answers a lot of the questions we typically get at the beginning of the awards.

The awards are divided into three sections: the nominations, the voting, and the judging. At this time, we are only doing nominations. There is no voting going on until we’ve announced the Top 50 Retailers and Top 50 Installers.

For retailers and installers, the nomination process goes like this:

  1. Read the appropriate page and make sure you qualify: Installers   Retailers.
  2. Create a video that outlines the requirements on the page.
  3. Upload it to a free online service using either a public account (if you don’t care who sees it) or a private account (if you only want us to see it, for now at least).
  4. Fill out the form on the ‘Submit Your Nomination’ page, and include the link to your video in the space provided.
  5. Ask a qualified person to second your nomination. (As a reminder: This person must be unrelated to the store and must be an industry professional (working for an industry manufacturer, supplier, distributor, affiliate company, or a retail location not related to the applicant’s retail location. Customers and non-professional enthusiasts are not eligible.)
  6. Have the person go to the ‘Second a Nomination’ link and fill in the form.
  7. And … you’re done!

I’ll follow up with more later. In the meantime, send me your questions at solomond@mobile-electronics.com.